What is the DECC?

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) was set up in 2008 by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, to ensure that Britain has safe, clean and economical energy resources, and to campaign internationally for action to help curb global warming. The DECC was given a remit to focus on the following areas.
Because the UK has declining reserves of traditional fossil fuels, the department is committed to acquiring and maintaining newer forms of energy supplies through international discourse. As a result of the Climate Change Act of 2008, one of the major aims of the DECC is for a substantial reduction in Greenhouse gas emissions by 2050...

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Benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity wall insulation offers homeowners a number of benefits. Most homes built less than a hundred years ago will also be suitable for this type of insulation because they will have a cavity wall.

Reduced Energy Bills

Installing cavity wall insulation can make a big difference to the size of your energy bills. When homes with a cavity wall don’t have cavity wall insulation a great amount of heat will be lost through the uninsulated walls. Figures from the Energy Saving Trust state that as much as £110 a year can be saved on energy bills by having cavity wall insulation put in place.

Good For The Environment

Going hand in hand with less energy usage is the beneficial impact cavity wall insulation has on the environment...

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The Green Deal Scheme

The Green Deal Scheme was established by the Government in 2012 as part of the Energy Act, October 2011. It claims to vastly improve the energy efficiency of both homes and businesses across the UK. The Government has invested 12 million pounds into the scheme to be launched in several major cities across the UK.

The Green Deal has been established to reduce heat loss from our homes and reduce Britain’s overall carbon emissions, as part of the Governments Green targets. The Green Deal basically offers customers a low cost loan to be used to pay for and or improve energy saving measures within UK properties...

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